It’s Raining! It’s Pouring!

It’s Raining! It’s Pouring!

We’ve soooo needed this! So yes!!!

Girlfriends Bear

Girlfriends Bear

Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear

Little Tin Soldier for Christmas Sweater Bear

Wizard--golden mohair bear

Wizard–golden mohair bear

Okay, I’m off to get groceries. My cupboards and fridge are bare! Sometimes I like to eat down all I have so that I can start fresh. Ever do that?

Well, it means I’ve had no taters (potatoes) for 3 days and that’s awful! Must be my Irish blood. LOL

I’m 1,000 words behind on…

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FLowers of Summer in Hot, Hot Texas

FLowers of Summer in Hot, Hot Texas

tiny red rose, clarity copy (640x427)

Because of the heat of summer, it’s difficult to find any flowers other than a few last sunflowers and the crepe myrtles love the heat so they’re in full bloom. But here is a tiny red rose blossom.

Last of the Sunflowers (640x427)

Last of the sunflowers of summer.

sunflower late bloomer (2) (640x427)

A late bloomer.

sunflowers among the cornstalks (640x427)

A sunflower among the cornstalks.

red crepe myrtle (3) (640x427)

Red crepe myrtle

pink crepe myrtle (640x565)

pink crepe myrtle

watermelon crepe myrtle (640x427)

watermelon crepe myrtle

So see, even with all the heat, the world is still…

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Morning Glories and the Butterfly

Morning Glories and the Butterfly

butterfly taking a drink (640x560)

Do you see it? With the golden cornstalks behind the ligustrum, the purple morning glories and the butterfly sipping from the flower?

butterfly taking a drink (2) closeup

Drawing closer.

butterfly surreal (623x640)

A surreal picture of the butterfly, wings spread. Isn’t it cool? Oh, yeah, some would say it’s just a blurry butterfly. But to me, it’s beautiful.

sunflowers among the cornstalks (640x427)

Do you see the beauty in the center of the golden cornstalks?

Okay, I’m off to work on more…

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Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!

Dragonfly Blue

I’ve been so busy with writing books, deadlines, making bears, taking pictures, :) that I haven’t been teaching too many full-class online workshops, except on an individual basis. A publisher signed up seventeen of her authors to take my conflict course, so I’m happily critiquing student exercises.

Not all writers can teach. Not all teachers can teach. But ever since I was a kid, I wanted to…

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Baby Cupid Loves Bears, Too

Baby Cupid Loves Bears, Too

Cupid Baby and blue bears (515x640)

Okay, having fun with photos, and spent a lot of time working on bears yesterday, but it’s time to get back to work–

I’ve got another party to go to!!! I never was invited to so many parties in my life! Isn’t this fun! I’ll be there from 4:30-4:45 EST! Just a real quick drop in. Hopefully I won’t miss my time! But you can drop in anytime to win prizes all day long!…

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Grizzly Bears, Jester Bears, Angel Bears, Mauve Bears and Purple Sweater Bears, oh my!

Grizzly Bears, Jester Bears, Angel Bears, Mauve Bears and Purple Sweater Bears, oh my!

Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

I do have grizzly bear fabric to make more of them.

Best Friends Bear

Best Friends Bear

I don’t have any more Best Friend purple sweaters. Just checked because I had another request for one. But I do have a new sweater I’ve ordered that’s black and pink and says: Girlfriends on it, and I’ll show it when it comes in.

Angel Bear

Angel Bear

This bear was one of a kind. I have a different style angel bear I’ll be…

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Artistic Outdoor Furniture, Charlotte, NC Park

Artistic Outdoor Furniture, Charlotte, NC Park

We had a lot of fun in Charlotte, and one of the places we enjoyed seeing was a nearby park. In a few of the outdoor “rooms,” they were decorated with fun furniture!
Charlotte, NC 037 (640x427)

Bonnie and I had fun after grabbing some breakfast at Panera and I still was drinking my hot chocolate. :)

Charlotte, NC 041 (640x427) Charlotte, NC 039 (640x427)

The weather was beautiful there while it was so hot in Texas! Really enjoyed it. No bugs either!

Charlotte, NC 043 (640x427)

And they had signs all…

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City Lights and a Sunrise High in the Sky!

City Lights and a Sunrise High in the Sky!

I was flying so early the one morning, I actually got to see both the beautiful city lights and the sunrise. I’ve never seen that on a flight. So I wanted to share!

Dallas City Morning lightes

Dallas City Morning Lights

Sunrise over Texas

Sunrise over Texas

From Kelly Dunn, professional photographer: I saw your new romance novel today at the Barnes & Nobles Bookstore in Troy, Michigan! Your book was on the Top Shelf…of course! You are still…

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Werewolves for Grownups and Men with Muscles…

Werewolves for Grownups and Men with Muscles…

Thanks so much to Rhonda Valverde  for mentioning my werewolf books–Heart of the Highland Wolf–when she was interviewed by Woman’s World!!! This was a couple of years ago, but I ran across it on another blog and wanted to show it off again, because I don’t think I have on this one anyway, and it relates to my Highland wolf series as this was the first one in the series, I have a new one out,…

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Steampunk Teddy Bear in Progress

Steampunk Teddy Bear in Progress

Creating a Steampunk Bear was fun!

Steampunk Bear (588x640)Before I finished with the hat.

steampunk bear (6) (640x630)

After I added some antique braid on the hat, an antiqued hand crocheted doily and some feathers. Now she’s ready to go back in time, forward, or just anywhere her heart desires. :)

Storms knocked me off the internet again a lot of yesterday, so just getting caught up.

And I’m sooo behind on writing. Finally wrote some in long…

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