What Kind of Hawk is This?

What Kind of Hawk is This?

I had so much fun at my daughter and son-in-laws and seeing the Texas Renaissance Festival and having a couple of fun Italian meals out.

This was one of the gowns they had for sale at the fair. The gowns and such are beautiful. Expensive, but beautiful.

black and white gown (435x640)

I got home at about 8:30 am and first thing, after unpacking the car, was getting a cup of hot tea so I could get to work on Jaguar Pride to…

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Texas Renaissance Festival—Having Fun!

Texas Renaissance Festival–Having Fun!

leather and wolves (427x640)

Of course the wolf caught my eye! If I wore things like this, the wolf would be my choice. Though I did like the green dragon also. :)

MN and Ren Fair 039 (640x427)
My daughter and me.

MN and Ren Fair 037 (640x427)

My daughter and son-in-law.

Hocus Pocus Witches (471x640)

Thrilled to see the witches of Hocus Pocus. They kept wanting me to come closer, but I knew better. :) <3

I agreed to write a Halloween story for Coastal Magic Convention promotion, and so got all kinds of ideas…

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Have You Ever Been to a Renaissance Fair? & Wolf Awareness Week Continues!

Have You Ever Been to a Renaissance Fair? & Wolf Awareness Week Continues!

Going to a Renaissance Fair in Texas can be challenging–clothes wise.  You’re trying to dress up in period clothes and its HOT!

Anyway, my son-in-law is dressing up for the first time, and I’m excited. I’m wearing cooler. :)  I just throw some stuff together. We don’t go to them enough to pay a lot of money on costumes and I had a few things from some other events I wore, so should work. It’s the…

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I Wasn’t Going to Post Today Because I Have so Much to Do, But…

I Wasn’t Going to Post Today Because I Have so Much to Do, But…

I wasn’t going to post today because I’ve GOT to finish A SEAL Wolf Hunting edits today, turn it in and finish 2 bears by tomorrow at noon. At least that was the plan. :) <3 But then I got this terrific review at Fresh Fiction, and one from Angel’s Guilty Pleasures, and  I had to share the steampunk bear and sherbet bears I just finished for a couple of orders, and I just had to drop in share…

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Wolves Changing the Landscape—Wolf Awareness Week!

Wolves Changing the Landscape–Wolf Awareness Week!

I love this video that shows how much destroying one animal destroys the environment.

:) Enjoy!

Wolf smelling our scents

Wolf smelling our scents

I’m getting books and bears ready to ship. But I wanted to share this with you for Wolf Awareness Week!!

And I have to finish SEAL Wolf Hunting edits. And next up is Silver Wolf Christmas beta reader’s crits I…

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Woohoo Reviews!! For A Highland Wolf Christmas!

Woohoo Reviews!! For A Highland Wolf Christmas!

Totally loved these reviews! I hadn’t been seeing any of these, so when my publicist sent the links,  it was exciting to see how much reviewers were enjoying the book! 

I have to say something about reviewers first–they don’t get paid to do this. They love books and love sharing something about the books they’ve enjoyed. Often, it’s a thankless job. They don’t get paid, repeating this, but any…

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Terry Spear: The Fantastical World of Wilde & Woolly Bears

Terry Spear: The Fantastical World of Wilde & Woolly Bears


Jill Archer had me as a guest to talk about crafts since I make award-winning teddy bears! :)

Originally posted on JILL ARCHER:

My next guest is prolific, bestselling author Terry Spear. Terry writes paranormal romance (she is well known for her werewolf romances) and she makes award-winning teddy bears. They’re cute and cool and she tells us more below about how she makes them for…

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Wolf Awareness Week 2014 is October 12 - 18, 2014

Wolf Awareness Week 2014 is October 12 – 18, 2014

I interrupt the post on the apple farm to mention this is Wolf Awareness Week.

Wolves, like most other animals, are an important part of our ecosystem. And without them, we totally screw up the environment. Sure, it’s really the deer that ate all the trees and the forests couldn’t renew, and without forests, the riverbanks eroded. And without forests, all the creatures big and small that lived…

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The Pine Tree Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch—Minnesota

The Pine Tree Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch–Minnesota

Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch

When Donna took me to the Apple Farm, the pumpkin patch was closed. But they actually have a cool cornfield maze there that I would have loved to have gone through.  It was also closed the day we were able to drop by.

Pine Tree Apple Farm Picnic Area

Pine Tree Apple Farm Picnic Area

Pine Tree Apple Orchard (640x427)

Pine Tree Apple Orchard

rows of apple trees (640x427)

Rows of Red Apples

wicked apple tree with lichen (427x640)

Wickedly Haunted Looking Apple Tree with Lichen

processing of apples in machine (640x427)

Processing, washing…

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Fun Party and Storms About

Fun Party and Storms About

We had a great Christmas FB party! One party crasher! That’s a new one to me. And two no shows.  Everyone had fun, and we had no crickets chirping, which is always a concern when inviting folks to play–seeing anyone show up!

But it was great! Fun giveaways, fun Christmas pictures, and everyone had a great time!

I got edits for A SEAL Wolf Hunting ( formally A SEAL Wolf for Sale) and so need to…

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