What Goes with Scottish Whisky Tea?

What Goes with Scottish Whisky Tea?

Angela Simmons

Scottish Whisky tea in an antique Lochs of Scotland cup and saucer from Royal Warwick, Scottie dog shortbread from Walkers, and Cougar’s Mate by Terry Spear. Lovely way to spend the night! Cougar's Mate, Scottish Whisky tea, Angela SimmonsThanks, Angela! This was so cute!! I hope you had a lovely nip of whisky tea and Scottie shortbread cookies and were swept away to the world of sexy and fun cougar shifters. LOVED this.…

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Faery Realms Box Set—including The Dark Fae

Faery Realms Box Set–including The Dark Fae

Faery Realms-final fix

The Dark Fae, which is book 1 of the World of Fae,  is included and has never been on sale before. So… for 99 cents you get ALL these fae books by several different authors!


Faery Realms Final 3D

FAERY REALMS: TEN MAGICAL TITLES (Multi-Author Boxed Set, novels & novellas)
*Purchased individually, these books cost over $15 – List price $9.99 – Save 90% – Now on sale for only .99 cents!*

Enter the magical realms…

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The Easter Bunny Hath Cometh

The Easter Bunny Hath Cometh

Cottontail bunny (2)close up bunny (640x364)Bunny and flowers (576x640)

I’ve seen at least two bunnies, one that hopped off, and the other that remained under the blooming photinia and the red cedar tree. With the snakes in my house, it was easy to see a pattern and realize the two snakes were not the same. But with bunnies, don’t they all look the same to you? How could you tell them apart?

Mysteries abound at my house–and so I had something that dug into the grass…

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Black and White Can Be Pretty Too

Black and White Can Be Pretty Too

black and white storm clouds (640x427)Iris black and white

Inspired by so many photographers including:

Kelly Dunn

Ed Mooney Photography

Leanne Cole Photography

M. Funk Photography

Edward Munchow Photography

And many others that I’ve loved but didn’t have time to look up links for.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Back to word count!



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English Iris and Book Reviews for Cougar’s Mate

English Iris and Book Reviews for Cougar’s Mate

Iris open

The English Iris, isn’t it lovely? Love purple flowers!

Okay, still haven’t started on the edits, not procrastinating, but still trying to get my word count on SEAL for the week. Well, procrastinating a little.

But I also got some more reviews in that I wasn’t expecting:

Fresh Fiction Reviews

Cougar’s Mate, March 2014
Heart of the Cougar #1
by Terry Spear

Self Published
Featuring: Shannon…

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Blue Light is Healthier

Blue Light is Healthier

When I’m researching, I find all kinds of weird things.

Did you know that if you are a morning person and get up early and go outside into the “blue sunlight”, so called for the clearer blue of morning, even if it’s cloudy, it’s good for: staving off depression, makes you feel better, that those who are early morning blue light risers are often thinner?

jet trail (640x427)

This was taken in the morning at the…

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Happy Wolf Day!

Happy Wolf Day

Woohoo, I am in werewolf heaven:

Nobody does werewolf romances like Terry Spear. The romance sizzles, the plot boils, the mystery intrigues, and the characters shine.

I think this was my first introduction to Silver Town. I’ve read about some of the Silver’s in prior novels, but this was my first introduction to the Silver family and I will most definitely be searching out previous books…

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Lots of New Reviews! And Spring Flowers! And a Spring Bunny!

Lots of New Reviews! And Spring Flowers! And a Spring Bunny!


“Will Elaine and Cearnach find time to fall in love amid treasure hunts and attacks from the enemy?

Terry Spear’s A Highland Werewolf Wedding is sexy fun! Elaine and Cearnach are perfect for each other; both are Alphas and act like it. When they first meet it isn’t under the best of circumstances but it is impossible to miss the attraction between them—with each barb they exchange things get…

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Cougar’s Mate - Terry Spear - Review!

Cougar’s Mate – Terry Spear – Review!


5 Stars for Cougar’s Mate!

Originally posted on Dominique Goodall:


Shannon Rafferty learns that hanging out with the bad boys could be a dangerous business, but hooking up with a cop is even worse. Now she’s on the run, trying to avoid being murdered by his cougar shifter brothers and uncle. If that isn’t bad enough, a deputy sheriff hunts her down while she’s running as a…

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Did You Ever have a Favorite Toy?

Did You Ever have a Favorite Toy?

Terry and her Doll, Amy

Amy was nearly as big as me and I adored her. She was my constant companion. Until her face was cracked and my mother threw her out and replaced her with a Raggedy Ann.

I cried. I wanted my cracked-face doll back. I treasured her.

In The Ancient Fae, I talk about treasuring items that no one else can see the value of!

The Ancient Fae (The World of Fae, Book 4)

Category: Fiction » Young adult…

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